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Ray Stone is an author with a variety of published works to his name. At school, he won a writing competition at the age of eleven and later in his teens widened his interest in the arts. At the age of eighteen, he began writing poetry and lyrics whilst studying at college. Two years later Ray worked in theatre as a technician with many orchestras' and artists including the London Philharmonic, London Symphony, Mantovani, The original Doyle Carte Opera Company, Harlequin Ballet, Joan Baez, Jimmy Hendrix, Oscar Peterson and worked on local shows such as My Fair Lady, Camelot and West Side Story.

His poetry won first place in 1998 in an international internet poetry competition with 'Angry Silence.' Moving to Colchester in the same year he wrote a full-page article about the historical significance of the locale and was published with a by-line in the local press.

Whilst writing his first novel Ray returned to writing lyrics and teamed up with a local composer. Together they produced and recorded five blues numbers. Today, Ray writes continually and lives on Cyprus, an island he says is full of history, romance, and inspiration.

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       Czech To Order
The third in the Enda Osin Mystery Series
When Enda and his wife Jessica receive an alarming and strange note from a friend in  Prague, a simple request turns into a deadly mystery involving the Bilderberg Club and the chase is on to avert a political disaster.
Aurora, if anything happens to me, you must find this diary a Czech agent has stolen. She wants to cross the road and will bring this diary she stole from Jozef Novotney. Listen to her and trust her and no one else. Enda will know who should have the diary. Stay away from the embassy.

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Price $3.99 Available on Smashwords and Amazon: Published Mar 15 2014

A Greek billionaire wants sovereignty for Cyprus and thirsts for political power in Brussels to acheive his goal. When Enda and Jessica embark on the billionaire's cruise liner they are soon aware they are in deadly danger and must expose an impostor, prevent a murderous conspiracy and foil a political catastrophe.




Price $4.75 Available on Smashwords and Amazon: Published Sept 27 2015

Harry Cohen is ‘London Desk’ for the Mossad. The success of a Middle East peace deal he has been part of relies on everyone keeping a big secret for two years but Moscow can’t be trusted. Harry has found a clue to finding the lost Russian Amber Room and keeping Moscow quiet. With the aid of his trusted agent, Raithe Ravelle, he must trace the secret route the room travelled by exposing an arms smuggling ring supplying Arab terrorists. The smugglers are using an ingenious false document and railway route system across Europe, originally devised by SS General Wilheim Rienecke. When Moscow learns of Harry’s plans, ex Stasi agent Heinrich Liebermann is hired to find the room first and eliminate Harry and Raithe. The race is on as the men follow the smugglers rail network from Vladivostok to Moscow and through Minsk, Warsaw, Prague and Berlin. Deadly danger is one step behind them as Harry and Raithe stay one step ahead of Liebermann to recover the stolen arms and rescue the Amber Room. In this chase thriller nothing is what it seems until the final page.





Price $4.75  Available on Smashwords and Amazon: Published Sept 30 2014

Enda Osin, correspondent for the Herald, loves political intrigue. After receiving a strange telephone message he thinks is for someone else, he is quickly embroiled in murder, industrial espionage, and a race against time to prevent the world’s first hyper-speed aircraft from crashing. The head of a Russian spy cell knows enough about Enda to manipulate him into unknowingly deliver secret plans into Moscow’s hands. Involved in an unbelievably complex and clever plot, Enda and his wife, beautiful Jessica Du Ross and right-hand man, ‘Fish,’ find themselves on the run from the police and a ruthless Russian agent, Voss, who has orders to kill. In desperation, Enda looks to MI6 for help but is hampered in his quest to expose a mole within the British secret service. MI5 and MI6 are playing politics with each other and with Moscow in a power game to use the mole for their own purposes. In a final double twist, an agent returns to Moscow, Enda sends a gift to the Americans and ‘Fish’ reveals a shocking secret.





Price $4.75  Available on Amazon: Published June 30 2021

He has spent a life behind bars - He is truly institutionalized - He escapes through writing
CAMERON JEFFRIES was raised in central and south Louisiana and born of Cajun heritage. He has been incarcerated for more than 30 years. With prison reforms, conditions have improved much since 2007. Writing allows him to think outside the bars of his concrete jungle. He loves the outdoors, animals, and making new friends.
I have been writing to prison inmates since 1989. Cameron Jeffries is an exceptionally talented writer who has a gritty style of telling it the way it is. In Prison Life, he draws a vivid picture of inmates' daily lives and physical and psychological problems. His anecdotes are all true and reflect life in prison for inmates and those in authority. Some of the stories are humorous, and some sad. There are also brief notes on prison policy explained by Cameron from his point of view. This work is a very interesting book that educates the public about Prison Life.
Ray Stone


little Gems raymond.jpg

LITTLE GEMS is a collection of short stories that have been inspired by Ray Stone’s involvement with a New Zealand writing organization for aspiring writers - The Story Mint - that boasts a worldwide membership. Ray was instrumental in helping to start a unique serial writing project. These serials, each written by ten separate authors from across the globe, have become popular and have helped new and experienced writers to showcase their work. This book contains several “Author Only” serials written solely by Ray Stone plus other works from his repertoire.

Angry-Silence-Front-Cover-1 (1).jpg

I have enjoyed writing all my life. After writing a few Blues lyrics and producing several recordings in conjunction with UK composer SIeven Panter, I became interested in serious poetry. Writing lyrics is, to me, writing poetry. I am telling a story. Most poets will agree that much of their work reflects events and experiences, good and bad, that come from personal memories - check out Blues in Emerald City and No more a Lover. Poems are alive and ageless, and I hope in this, my first book of poetry, you find something to laugh at and something that reminds you of yourself. Poetry will always remain the one art that I hold close to my heart. It speaks of and about me and is written just for me - but I will share it with you too. I hope you enjoy and I thank you on behalf of all poets who bring much-needed colour, serenity, meaning, and beautiful verse worldwide.


Harry Cohen, London desk for Mossad, must retrieve a priceless icon - crucial to the success of a secret Middle Eastern peace deal brokered by America and the Russians - that’s been stolen by a ruthless mercenary. Harry knows who can steal it back. A convict whose daughter, Natalie, he has mentored. Raithe Ravelle, a professional thief, is released on appeal and reluctantly agrees to help Natalie’s benefactor with a score to settle. Both men embark on a daring robbery but are soon thrown into a race against time as Natalie is kidnapped. They must find a way to stop a Middle East crisis and rescue Natalie. In a breathtaking roller coaster ride through London, Zurich, Amsterdam, and finally to deserted wartime forts in the River Thames, they are involved in a life-and-death struggle to reach the frightened teenager-and the treasure in THE TROJAN TOWERS.

Lost in Transit.JPG

I have enjoyed writing all my life. After writing a few Blues lyrics and producing several recordings in conjunction with UK composer SIeven Panter, I became interested in serious poetry. Writing lyrics is, to me, writing poetry. I am telling a story. Most poets will agree that much of their work reflects events and experiences, good and bad, that come from personal memories - check out Blues in Emerald City and No more a Lover. Poems are alive and ageless, and I hope in this, my first book of poetry, you find something to laugh at and something that reminds you of yourself. Poetry will always remain the one art that I hold close to my heart. It speaks of and about me and is written just for me - but I will share it with you too. I hope you enjoy and I thank you on behalf of all poets who bring much-needed colour, serenity, meaning, and beautiful verse worldwide.


An Outrageous, Unbelievable (but True!) Story of a Business MagicianAnton Johnson lifts the lid on secrets behind football’s boardroom doors (as a football club’s owner).

He kept a lion for a pet, kept two crocodiles in a nightclub, was nearly drowned by a squib, and once tied to a tree by a bull!

Anton Johnson has rubbed shoulders with the famous and infamous, including Margaret Thatcher and Reggie Kray, plus many sports and entertainment personalities.

From humble beginnings as a butcher’s son, he carved a career in entertainment, farming, pub and club management.

He realized a dream to own a football club, but corruption and boardroom back-stabbing turned that dream into a nightmare. Anton was in the way when he refused to bend the rules for those putting personal profit before football. He lost everything but left a football legacy that no one is likely to match.

True to form, The Showman bounced back and made a fortune again. No one can put him down.

His charity and sponsorship work spans a lifetime, including as a volunteer at the 2012 Olympics.

This is truly a great, inspiring story of a man who would not give up.

Ray Stone


A Look at My Week via Facebook


Well today is another nice day on the beach and time for me to wander down and take some pics. The sea is calm and everyone here has a smile on their face. The not so good news is that this week we had over 500 bad results from people being tested and five fatalities. We are still in the red but I am hopeful things will get better sooner rather than later. In the meantime I have a new position with Mat Clarke who owns and runs


World Writers Collective.


I am  managing the competitions section and having a lot of fun doing it. All the competitions now carry cash prizes and the Big One is for $250. If you are interested, the competitions for Flash and Short Stories are open to anyone as well as members from all over the world. Contact me if you are interested. Other news, I have moved office down into my bedroom and its cooler here with a veiw of the sea. I can hear, see, and smell it. (and I can see the strawberries grow). My shop now has twenty of my picture designs used to decorate up to 60 products with each pic. My third Enda Osin thriller is near completed and is on line for a New Year debut. The working title has been changed to a more meaningful one - Czech to Order. Hoping against hope I can get an agent this time. Not a lot of work really but I would hate to sit here twiddling my thumbs. Always write something each day and the brain stays that little bit more active and in touch with the world. Have a nice day or evening and remember that your best friend is the one who sticks up for you, even though you know you might be wrong. Time for my lunchtime Typhoo Tea and salad sandwich. Bye Bye.

23rd September 2021

Well after a week of ups and downs I am set to get down to my book this week and start a course on Lightbox techniques. I have to say that yesterdays Writers Fest went well apart from my tech problem. The members are a mixed bunch, experts in their own special department of writing. I sat through it all and found a lot of information that's useful to me. The best thing about this group is the real comradery that one feels as the group comes together live or on group messenger. That aspect alone is the key to a successful group that with everyone pulling in the same direction, will grow during the next year and beyond. They are really helpful to new writers who are looking for an outlet to show and learn their craft.I do hope that yesterdays meeting that is being recorded will make new writers and the more experienced writers join our group. For those interested go and look at our site and see what you are missing. -



More news from this sunbaked piece of land in the middle of the Mediterranean (I wouldn't come if I was you - too hot, big waves, awful drivers, internet crashers, Lizards, ants in the kitchen, and loads of bright red Brits) We are, I believe wavering into the safe zone but not yet. I am certain though that we will be able to travel as soon as the third wave is vanquished.

And so this afternoon as I toiled over a large G & T while watering my strawberries, I noticed that one plant had flowered so the next harvest before winter is about to appear. Meanwhile, in town, all animals large and small can be found coiled up under every available tree while the populace struggles to breathe behind a mask while looking for shade or walking around an aircon store. Of course one has to show a card saying one has had the jab and life is still thumping in the body. Ah well, time for tea. Back tomorrow. Remember, say goodnight nicely to the one you love or look in the mirror and say goodnight to yourself or sing that song - "I Love Me, I love me, I'm wild about myself...... Sleep tight and stay safe.

26th September 2021

So let's see. What has happened this week? I had a new network installed and a cat nearly ate my dinner. Besides that I am just two chapters away from the end of my book. I can't believe I will be finished by next weekend and then just the edit (third time) to do. This time I have an editor proper so along with a cover from that great artist, Ant Gavin Smits, the book is on schedule to be done by Christmas. If anyone would like the first 5000 words when it is finished I would be pleased to send it to you provided you send me a review here at FB,

The weather here has been hot but it is now cooling down and the sea is getting a little rougher - Hurrah! I had a great chat with Noel Anderson from World Writers Collective today. I want to write a script for a sitcom. Noel is a director and scriptwriter and has been involved in many stage productions. So that was this busy week and I am pleased as I look out of my window at the sea that the wind is up and by morning the water will be boiling white. And now for something completely different - Time for that cuppa so get out the tea and put the feet up. Goodnight all.

2nd October 2021

I have decided this week to move back into my office upstairs. The weather is cooling at last and the other night we had rain. This weekend was another holiday for the Cypriots so all was closed down apart from the restaurants. As for the continuing saga of the post office - I think they are getting worse. I still have four parcels to come but nothing in sight. My shop has taken off and I have had a couple of orders so I am pleased about that. My book is now at the editor's office and I hope she does not plaster my manuscript with red ink. I remember going to a small exhibition in London where a royal coach was displayed. Next to it were exhibits from the Victorian era. Under a glass case was a book opened with a ton of red ink across it. Below was a note from the editor telling the writer that "This book will never be published in this state" - it was "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens. There's hope for all of us "wannabes". So today we have a calm sea and I am working next to the balcony so I can hear the water rolling in. The dogs have gone for a walk on my beach and the cat went with them. My next project is travel. I am determined to travel next year. We have worked out a super trip by train. Fly to London - few days visit and then train through the tunnel to Europe and Germany first - then train to Holland and then back by train through France and the tunnel back to London. A month away and not much flying and all the usual waiting and bustling at airports. I hear the hot water beginning to boil so I will dash. Time for tea and custard creams. Have a nice day - or as they say in New York - "Get Outta Here!"

19th October 2021

Tidying up tonight. I hope to finish and send the MS to editor. Still a few alterations, small but it has to be done. But the story is done so I am relieved. My printer has packed up and all the advice on Google does not work to get me out of "Offline." Any suggestions. It's a Brother DCP - 1610W - Wi-Fi.

The weather has changed and the sea is getting to sound like a football crowd. Some people are braving it - probably a Brit. On to work and that elusive cuppa now. Don't forget to write something in that bedside notebook; an idea for a story or a reminder to write to someone. Goodnight all.



23rd October 2021

A very good friend of mine has Covid which she caught from her son who caught it from children at his school. This is another reminder that this disgusting pandemic can strike anyone, anywhere at any time. It also reminds us that we should not relax or think the end of this scourge is near. It is not. President Bush and President Obama warned that measures had to be taken to combat future pandemics. Nothing was done until Obama healthcare. Then Trump threw that out just before the pandemic. When the hell are politicians of every party going to learn and when are we going to vote for someone who thinks of us and not profit for the well off via shares in the drug and computer industries. We need to stay alert and look after ourselves and stop listening to political promises. My gripe for today and kind thoughts for my friend. Goodnight all.


Nov 4th 2021



Well I am another week nearer to Kimber going back to the USA and two months of getting a lot of work done. I am helping Mat Clarke with a project for the WWC (World Writers Collective) and at the same time waiting for my editor to get back to me so I can start correcting (I know there will be some) "Czech To Order" I am also trying to write a script for a sitcom and finish a short story I have been working on. Busy, busy. All should be finished by the end of January and then - who knows. It has been a funny old year with a lot going on for me while the present curse of Covid has lurked in the background. I have no idea when I will be travelling as a new wave of the pandemic is sweeping through the UK. The only bright light on the horizon is that over 100 odd countries have signed up to stop using coal. (China please listen!) The weather meanwhile, is doing what it likes so we are prepared for downpours sometime soon. My goal this week is to get a booster shot appointment. So that's it for this week. Please look after yourselves and remember that if you smile in a crowd at least two will smile back. Try it and feel good. Goodnight all.


11th Nov 2021

Well, Christmas is nearly here again. I'm too old to talk about father Christmas and all that, but I am old enough to remember many Christmas days that were a lot different than nowadays. When I was a lad, Christmas day was a real family affair. My father would appear home from work two days before the 25th with a Xmas tree loaded on top of his bicycle. My sisters and mother would spend a couple of days decorating it with nice lights and chocolate coins. The smell of the tree is something I always remember. I also remember the mixed smashing smell from the kitchen all week as cakes, Christmas pudding (with a sixpence buried in it) and jellies were turned out in one long production line. My father and I were given a warning - pinch anything, and you go without pickled onions and red cabbage (our fav with salads and cheese). Pickling went on all year as well as father's winemaking - parsnip wine was the best. One glass, and I spent all night giggling. We were only allowed one at Christmas unless mother wasn't watching. The day started with sitting under a blanket and opening the Christmas stocking, which always contained a small torch, bag of sweets, a tangerine, and a small game. We all had a couple of presents downstairs and made a mess with wrapping paper amid screams of delight and lots of laughter. Later just before lunchtime, our uncles and aunts and grandparents would arrive carrying more food and drink. Twelve of us would sit around a long table and enjoy dinner until we burst. After, as the women washed up and gossiped in the kitchen and the men sank into armchairs and snored, my sisters and I would open presents bought by the rest of the family. The evening was a light tea followed by games we played all night. By the time our relations went home, we were half asleep but went to bed excited and looking forward to Boxing Day and a family cricket match on the green outside our house.

So what of today. Children still get excited, and Christmas dinner is still enjoyed. Unfortunately, the best part of Christmas has been lost. Family is what makes Christmas for me, but today with TV, video games, mum queuing up for store sales on the 26th and dad working through - we have lost those magical moments and the warmth of love from all those around us - perhaps family we don't see from one year to the next. It is a sad reflection on the pace of life and the need for more and more money for those struggling to meet mortgage payments and put food on the table. This Christmas I am spending with neighbours, and when I curl up (full of gin), I will fall asleep with a smile remembering all my yesterdays.

Goodnight all.

Ray Stone

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