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If you can, please support this new initiative by buying a ticket and attending so we can bring you even more!

Friday to Sunday


available or day-stay

Free 1 year membership For

World Writers Collective is also included

Writers Retreat 16-18 August 2019

A writers' retreat within a relaxed atmosphere

Over two BIG days

Friday to Sunday

Prices from $35 for the day

to $350 per person for 2 nights (sold out - waiting list available)

(meals are not included - only 3 bedrooms available)


This event will be your chance to write and write and write. We want you to flourish here, that's why we have set everything up for you so you can concentrate and do what you love.

Sleeping arrangements (if you want them)

Each day set with lots of:

Writing time

Editing time

Social and accountability time with other writers

Mat Clarke will be on-hand at various times to help with your writing

We run this event once every few months

The Treehouse

The Treehouse is a self-contained guest place in the midst of a stunningly-beautiful house designed by renowned Melbourne architect, Simon Thornton. The Treehouse is located three-minutes drive from the Olinda township, and is also only minutes away from some of the most beautiful walking paths in the Mount Dandenong area, as well as a short drive to a range of top restaurants, such as Dudley’s and the Sky High Restaurant.

PLEASE click on the above BOOK NOW button and email us of your desire to attend and we will get back to you with further details.

Thank you :)



We will open with introductions and a very short writing time to get you into the mood of the Olinda Treehouse.

This will be followed by dinner and socialising as we get to know each other, what we want from the writing retreat and a program that we can alter slightly to best suit everyone.

Meals are not included. Please bring your own snacks/food, order meals from nearby Olinda shops or order from takeaway venues to deliver.

Why should I attend?

Once you decide to make the plunge and immerse yourself in this weekend of writing, you will be sent a full program. This will have set times for each session you will be involved in, which includes: editing, writing prompts, writing goals, writing characters that readers will love to love or love to hate and for non-fiction writers you will see how having a fiction background will create a more engaging piece even if it is not widely known, which will help you engage readers.

Who should attend our writer retreat?

  • writers at all stages of development

  • writers wanting to make money from their writing

  • bucket list writers (yes, the one's who say that 'one day, I'll write a book')


Recent Reviews

It was a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle. Lots of trees and a magical house better than the Far Away Tree.

There was writing and discussions by the large open fireplace. Helpful feedback and support from all attendees.

David Collis, owner of the Treehouse was kind enough to offer up his BnB to a great group of writers so they could spend their time writing and discovering this home away from home.

Mat Clarke hosted the activities and discussions giving everyone a good schedule to follow so that there was very little procrastination, but still time to admire the amazing view and chat to everyone in attendance.

Here is what some of the attendees said:


Janelle Sheen

I really enjoyed it!

The environment was wonderful. The writing opportunity fantastic. Sharing writing was insightful. I loved the opportunity to be away from my normal desk so I could focus on my writing in such a beautiful and nourishing environment, not to mention the welcoming, encouraging and supportive company. I really enjoyed the writing games and listening to others’ writing. It was very inspiring to hear the different styles and approaches. The only not so wonderful thing was the distance I had to travel, but it just added to the pleasure of the weekend. Putting effort in brings more rewards. I will definitely travel the distance again for another such opportunity. I am already looking forward to the next event.


Yolunda Walker

I came to the retreat not knowing what to expect and I would like to say a big thank you.

I enjoyed meeting such talented people and listening to their projects along with their informative information and most of all support. As Mat knew, I was nervous when reading out some of my work but I was overwhelmed with the positive feedback. It was so appreciated and has confirmed that I need to continue my dream of writing my book so no more procrastinating - and that I can do this! Even though I only came for the day it was so worth the trip.


Anji Bignell

The retreat was really helpful for me to feel relaxed and get some writing done.

I enjoyed the LinkedIn session we had with Sue, so I think that for future retreats, it would be nice to have one part of a day set aside for a little 'marketing' session or brain-storm sharing and using each other’s knowledge in the group. And possibly a word game or creative writing prompt per day (but not too many of course, as some people just want to get writing). So pretty much what you did anyway! I love Dave's house too. That was a very special part of the whole experience. Look forward to the next one.


Sue Ellson

The Writer’s Retreat at The Treehouse in Olinda was a great opportunity to focus on the structure and format of my fifth book and to continue writing without the distractions of everyday life. It was wonderful to feel a part of a community of writers and have a few prompts for discussion and feedback. I managed to compile all of my existing content and complete 20 poems! I also had a great time on the Saturday evening when we went out for dinner at a local pub and enjoyed hearing some great stories - after all, every writer is usually a very good storyteller! I would like to personally thank Mat Clarke for his excellent facilitation and coordination skills and David Collis for his superb hospitality and welcoming skills. The fresh air and country vibe were very calming on the mind and allowed me to explore various aspects of my creativity. A very worthwhile experience.



Want to get away from everything and write in the hills?

A sanctuary away from everything, lots of trees and a magical house even better than the Far Away Tree (never heard of the Far Away Tree books? So, so good!).

To talk writing by the large open fireplace?


Mat Clarke will be in attendance at various times to assist over the weekend, and David Collis is your host.

There will be activities to assist you as well as set times to catch-up and review what we have done and reevaluate what we want to accomplish.


Expressions of interest are now being sought.

Only 3 rooms available. However, you may wish to attend just for the day, and then it is only $35. Or $55 for 2 days (if you want to camp out in the lounge room there is a couch or a blowup mattress at $80 a night - includes attendance for two days).


Two night stay available (overnight stay is sold out - waiting list available):

  1. Queen bed with ensuite $350 for two nights

  2. Double bed with nearby bathroom $300 for two nights

  3. Single bed $215 for two nights

If you are a couple or want to share a bed with a good friend, there is a discount of $45 per person per night.


Please send us an email if you are interested in attending for either night or day: click on the above BOOK NOW button.

(If we have many day attendees as well there may be enough money to pay for editors and other guest speakers to attend and help with your writing.)


And remember, the benefits of persistence in this enjoyable and difficult creative path will help see you through.

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