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Are you ready for the challenge? It’s true we all love to linger over a favourite novel  but if it’s 50, 100, 200, 300 or up to 1000 words, a well-crafted story can pack a mighty punch.  Even at  100 words a story can zing. It’s all in the showing (and telling), using the ABDCE structure:  action, background/ inciting action, development/rising actions, climax, ending (the characters should be significantly different).


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Current submission:

WORDS: 150
Spacing: 1.5  Helvetica or Times Roman
Font: 12 Helvetica or Times New Roman
Deadline: 16 Feb 2020

Please forward all stories to: melbournewriters@gmail.com 

Include these details within the email:

The title of your story and your name. 

Include the word count of your story.

Your email should look something like this:

-Flash Fiction Stories

-Name: Jane Doe

-Title: The Tale of Hendrick

-Word Count: 198 words

First prize is the inclusion within our anthology if you are a member.

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About Our Flash Fiction:

The aim is to delight, to chip out a sculpture from a lump of stone. Go for this month’s word limit.  We’ll vary the length as we go.

Ian Rankin, the author of the Rebus crime series puts it clearly: 

“[Short] Stories are also good ways of experimenting with the narrative voice, structure and method of economy. [..] 

There is no place for fat on a story: it has to be lean and fit.”  - Ian Rankin


Make the title sweat its short life.

Jump right in. Names may not be necessary.

The denouement should be in the middle. Leave the reader something to think about at the end.


Here are some examples which include 50-100 word pieces:



The New Yorker also has a Flash Fiction page and most of these are a bit longer. Here’s an example:  


A final word: writing micro-fiction is for some, like holidaying in a caravan. Refreshing, stimulating for a change. But not for the rest of your life.

Thank you everyone for wanting to contribute.

Magz Morgan.


Flash Fiction Submissions - May 2020

My Truth - LB


Wheels of my mind - DM

Which FF stories did you like from the entire list above and below?

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What was your favourite story and why?

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