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A service oriented, outcome minded, senior administrator with coordination and problem solving experience.


NEWS: 01 - June - 2020

Looking forward to attending Melbourne Writers Social Group in July 2020 for the "Writer Workshop - Beginners and up" (until COVID killed it!)

Coming Soon by Victoria Knight

Price: $0.00 USD. Available on Smashwords and Amazon, Paperbook Orders Here. Languages: English. Published 28 - Aug - 2017.

A poem about Christmas. Our Reader Rating 4.5/5.



Victoria Knight



I'm passionate about writing and the English language, car modification and meeting new people. I love stories, people's stories about their lives and am keen on 'real' communication - making sure that we tap into individual's realities. Also, I'm a bit of an Android fan-girl. Overall I've been 'communicating' for 16 years, having worked in news media, language education, and then specialising in conflict management. 

Call me Binx when you see me.

What is your story, Binx?

I'm a drummer and writer and been making my way through the creative life the best way I can.

Where do your ideas for stories come from, Binx?

A dark deep pool of nothing.

Contact Me

I can be contacted easily. Please feel free to reach out through social media below.

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