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If you can, please support this new initiative by buying a ticket and attending so more writers become published.

Saturday $65

Sunday $60


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-World Writers Collective-

-The Story Mint-

Writers Symposium October 2018

Special Discount Vouchers

Please ensure you use your unique ID (ticket number) when claiming your voucher




Louise Crossley’s books have a point of difference. What? Behind the simple stories hide significant themes like ‘Real road safety rules’ (endorsed by School Crossing Vic.); Religious confliction; and Self acceptance. 

Present this voucher to receive Ella’s Handbag for half price and the other two books for 10% off


FREE OFFER from World Writers Collective

Free editing for the first 2000 words of your manuscript

Stu Mentha: developmental editing, comedy, sci-fi, fantasy.

Alby Blazo: line editing, grammar, fables, mythology, and much more

Further information HERE


​Nishant Kaushik is an Indian-born author with seven published novels to his credit. He has also written two film scripts which are currently optioned by a leading production house in India.


At the Melbourne Writers' Symposium, Nishant Kaushik will be in conversation with writers Shmavon Azatyan and Shriram Iyer on 'A Story Not Sold Is A Story Not Told'.

Only 4 signed copies of the bestselling novel ‘My Father Is A Hero’ are available at the symposium for a price of AUD $2.


Let Me Go by Shriram Lyer

. . . To Friendship with Love


Wings of Silence by Shriram Lyer

Buy both BOOKS and receive 50% off
Call: +61 424 287 904 to organise delivery


Where to Next? and Where Are You From?

by Solène Anglaret

Be beyond borders
10% off all items at 


Offer exclusive to Breaking the Code & Valid until

31 October 2018
Use coupon code btc2018 to redeem


Free Digital Book from Sue Ellson at 120 Ways Publishing 
You choose, just email with ‘BTC Offer’ in the Subject and you can request a digital copy of any one of these three books

1.       ‘120 Ways To Achieve Your Purpose With LinkedIn’ (resource style)

2.       ‘120 Ways To Attract The Right Career Or Business’ (story focused) or

3.       ‘120 Ways To Market Your Business Hyper Locally’ (case study driven)

Sue will also invite you to connect on LinkedIn and encourages you to read ‘LinkedIn for Authors’

Quick questions about LinkedIn also welcome via



Free editing for the first 2000 words of any piece of writing

The Story Mint



Redeemable with: The Story Mint

Terms and Conditions: Free editing for the first 2000 words is a limited offer for the first 20 writers. Discounted editing for a further 20 writers up to 2000 words each. Offer ends December 2019

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