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Preparing Your Manuscript for Submission

If you aren't sure how to prepare and format your manuscript, you may have your email/manuscript deleted before it's even read. Why not let us take all the guess work out of the preparation and allow us to set everything up for you.

These services can be purchased at any time.

Your manuscript will be formatted in a way that publishers, agents and editors prefer your work to be submitted. If you have a preferred organisation you are submitting to, we will source the information required for you on their preferred submission desires.

Manuscript Formatting Costs



Please contact us via the CONTACT tab on this website when you are ready to have your manuscript prepared for submission.

Initial evaluation is $12.

Once the first 1,500 words have been evaluated, and approved by you, the remainder of the manuscript can be adjusted. However, a cost can only be created for the entire manuscript at this time.

If the manuscript only requires basic adjusting and setup, then it will be $0.24 per 160 words.

A 80,000 word manuscript may then cost $120.

Assistance with creation of query letter to an organisation is $35.


Books on Editing & Writing



preferences can

vary from

organisation to organisation. It's important to get it right the first time.

When you submit your manuscript, ensure you have all the details regarding your manuscript you think relevant ready to send.

This includes, your genre, your word count, your preferred organisation you are submitting to, your targeted audience, etc.


Self-Editing for Fiction Writers


Renni Browne Dave King

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