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Become a Creative Leader

These are all volunteer positions. Your position includes free membership, a discount for any events you attend, free access to catering (if supplied) and an allowance for the manager positions (see position details). Interested? Click Here!

Our Team

Welcome. We are working together to create a website you can be proud of and an information activity source you will benefit from.

Mat Clarke

Founder of WWC and Melbourne Writers Social Group, Mat wanted to create a place for writers and all creatives where they could learn from each other and chat about the craft they enjoy.

He also loves pizza, parma and pints (sometimes in that order) and writing thriller stories.


Adrian Meredith 

Monday Night Online Host

Adrian writes for a living, with 23 years' experience writing up doctor's reports, court transcripts and the occasional spy document. 


Alexandra Neumann 

Monday Night Online Host

Alexandra is an author, artist and poet. She published a novella through Pan Macmillan (Second Glance, 2006) and has published poetry and art in various journals. She hosts the discussions of the Melbourne Writers Social Group on the first Monday of every month.


Louise Crossley 

Monday Night Online Host

Louise is the author of five books. While she identifies as primarily a children's writer, she has worked extensively as a curriculum writer developing English courses, media kits and writing professional blogs.


Noel Anderson

Monday Night Online Host

Noel is an award winning writer, director, performer and blogger.  

He completed NIDA’s playwright studio in 1996 and his written work had been performed on Australian stages and schools around the country. Noel is published by Australian Plays Org.


James Pletch

Tuesday Night Host

Since 2018 Jim has co-hosted (with Mat) the Wharf Hotel writers’ group. It is a subgroup within the overall Melbourne Writers Social Meetup Group established by Mat Clark ten years ago. It meets 6pm to 9.15pm on the third Tuesday of the month. Jim brings his background in industry cooperation skills to the role, along with his background as an Advanced Toastmaster with Toastmasters International. He has moulded a structured evening. It consists of a social time, small connection processes to help people get to know one another, a word from Mat the overall group founder, a guest speaker spot for someone to share their expertise in some area of writing and being an authorpreneur, a period of time for writers to read out for up to four minutes from their work and get feedback if they want it, and finally another socializing period at the end.


Ray Stone

Ray has been writing for many years and won his first competition at the age of eleven. He has worked in Theatre, written lyrics for Blues, and published ten books of a variety of genres. After retiring from a successful business in Washington State, he turned to publishing other authors work and has since turned his photographic lifetime hobby into a business. He uses his pictures for an online artists' store and supplies major stock photo companies. His experiences around London from an early age, living among the fashionable sets of Belgravia and Kensington and the criminal class of the EastEnd have given him a valuable insight into the characters he creates in his books. Seven years ago he helped start the serial project for the Story Mint with Suraya Dewing and has since written many serial starters and chapters. He loves travelling to the locations in his books and enjoys living next to the Mediterranean on Cyprus. An island full of beauty and history His place of inspiration; a deserted stretch of beach outside his house he calls "My Beach."

Since taking on his post at WWC, he is working to bring a new look to the competitions including making money for the WWC and putting cash and gift vouchers out as prizes. He continually looks at ways of helping the collective and members who want to publish on Amazon. His two ambitions are to be traditionally published and to see the WWC become one of the best clubs with followers from around the world. His favourite saying

                           It's not a good story until somebody dies.

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