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Preparing Your Book for IngramSpark

Do you use Indesign? Are you up to date with ISBN placement? Do you know everything about bleed for your pictures or front cover? Have you got over 15 years of printing expertise up your sleeve? If the answer is yes, then you may not need our help. If not, then we'll do all the heavy lifting for you.

If you wish to learn how to do it yourself, I can send you some tips and hints, if you prefer.

Manuscript and Cover Formatting Costs



Please contact us via the CONTACT tab on this website when you are ready to have your book and cover prepared.

It doesn't matter how many pages your book is for our preparation of your book, although it will matter in regards to how much IngramSpark will charge you per page.

If there is little formatting to be completed and you are ready for your work to be formatted, then the cost will likely be a flat fee of $60.​


Books on Editing & Writing

Self-Editing for Fiction Writers


Renni Browne Dave King

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IngramSpark has a very clear although long set of rules to be able to publish your work through their printing engine. If you do not have pre-press or printing experience, it will likely be beyond your capabilities without an extensive learning curve.

Before submitting your work, you will need a high resolution front cover as a JPEG. You will need the same for the spine and back cover - or all as one image.

Also, don't forget your bleed!

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