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With a background in Psychology and an interest in Personality Temperament, Cecile Ravell develops characters who tackle dilemmas in their own unique way. 


NEWS: 16 - May - 2021

Child Magical now available!


Child Magical by Cecile Ravell

Price: $25.00 AUD. Languages: English. Published April - 2021.

Magz Morgan says, "Cecile Ravell's new book, ‘Child Magical’ is delightful—a must-read for young girls. And their parents!

More information: child-magical

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Love's Labour's Lost by Cecile Ravell

Price: $20.00 AUD. Available in paperbook via The Melbourne Writers Social Group. Languages: English. Published July - 2017.

A collection wonderful of short stories written by the Melbourne Writers Social group, brought together by the common theme of Family. Our Reader Rating ?/?.

Sold Out




Truthfully, I finished this gorgeous book the day it landed in my hands, from the second I began I could not stop. The messages conveyed, paired with simple flow, was genuinely divine. 


The best way to summarise what I personally have acquired is that I feel understood (which, as a young woman, is something I not often get to say) rather than feeling silenced by experiences that are seemingly too complex to discuss and be comprehended by those surrounding me - relationships can feel isolating. It’s as though something previously silenced has been gifted… words, a story.


I thank you so deeply for sharing this story, it is one I will treasure for many many years but also one I hope can be shared with more. The wisdom you’ve passed is a true gift, one that I would like to share with those close to me and beyond; to enable them to delve into the same issues as I have.


It would be a great privilege to have you as a guest speaker; I will be back in contact with you regarding this!

'Magz Morgan 2020'

Love On A Faultline takes you under the skin and into those intimate places where a woman's vulnerability lies. It shows how her fragile sense of self-worth makes her a 'sitting duck' for a dominating man and how she eventually struggles to free herself. A manual for reflection and a testimony to resilience.


Love on a Faultline by Cecile Ravell

Price: $9.99 USD.

Also available in paperbook via on Amazon for $17.75 USD. Languages: English. Published July - 2017.

An accomplished woman falls for the archetypal 'bad boy'. Her compulsion to remain in the 20-year relationship with a self-sabotaging abusive man, who is unable to reciprocate her love, leads her to enquire into the unconscious factors that kept her from leaving. Review by Meredith Fuller Psychologist & Author. 

**Also available from author for a limited time for $25 plus postage (autographed) HERE**

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Cecile Ravell



With a background in Psychology and an interest in Personality Temperament, Cecile Ravell develops characters who tackle dilemmas in their own unique way.

Her fascination with human behaviour, combined with her passion for travel, take her female protagonists on an internal as well as external journey of discovery.

Her short stories have been published in two Anthologies - Literary Allsorts and Ties that Bind.

In Memoir of a Middle-aged Madonna we are invited into the thoughts and emotions of Jessica. We feel her suffering at the loss of her lover and are immersed in her story to the extent that we are carried along by the challenges she faces - her triumphs and disappointments. Coming soon.

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