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So many stories come from everyday interactions all over the globe. Either news worthy or embellished family history. A chance meeting or conversation can lead to the discovery of a character that lives in a world you never thought existed. The exciting part for me is giving a character unique or quirky traits that lead them into strange circumstances.


NEWS: 21 - Feb - 2022

New novel in progress - Elizabeth is a successful and wealthy CEO of luxury fashion label Eliza.B. She oozes confidence in public but in the shadows she is tormented by a demonic presence that urges her to kill. Each sacrifice being used in exchange for prolonged youth. With the police now suspicious of an Eliza.B employee her secrets can’t remain in the shadows for much longer.


The Coconut House by Nathan Green

Price: $8.99USD and up. Available on iTunes and Amazon, Paperbook. Languages: English.

Published Sep - 2020.

Beautiful and scenic, The island of Koh Tao was once nothing more than a secluded local island. Until 20 years of tourist trade began pulling at the seams, warping both its landscape and its inhabitants.

A rich entrepreneur has even gone one step further, turning the land and surrounding waters into his own personal playground.

Whilst the unsuspecting tourists and locals alike have to deal with the fall out.

This includes a group of university graduates that decide that the island is the perfect place to start their backpacking adventure and will get there by any means necessary. Our Reader Rating ?/?.



The Coconut House by Nathan Green

Price: $0.00USD and up. Available on iTunes and Amazon, Paperbook. Languages: English.

Published Aug - 2020.

The Dissonant Collection is a series of 7 short stories. Each one of these are housed in the same universe whilst focusing on an individual event that is deepened due to one or more of the characters battling with mental health issues.

Ryan and Sarah find a connection after a near fatal incident at a country train station.

Charlie quickly regrets his lack of honesty, even with himself.

Sam just wishes he remembered the past, while Peter desperately wants to forget.

Jack and Ana lose track of time. 

Torey has a celebrity crush and Dominic is convinced he’s going mad. Our Reader Rating ?/?.


Les Green



Born in the North of England, Les has been living in London on and off for the past 14 years. A chance move brought him over to Melbourne where he has been living in South Yarra since Mid 2021.

A musician, producer, audio engineer and creative writer, Les has been writing stories in some capacity since his teens. However his long form storytelling began during his backpacking trip in 2016. 

Since then he has self published two books and is working on completing a collection of five.

He is also the Head of operations for Melbourne Audiobook Productions.

If you're a professional, independent or amateur author. We are the platform to let the world hear your story.

Our Melbourne studio offers a relaxed environment to bring out your best narration.

All audiobooks are distributed globally through Audible, iTunes, Google Play and over 40+ online retailers.

Please get in contact if you are interested in learning more:

Tel: 0429970169


What is your story, Nathan?

I like to see myself as an all round creative. Whether it’s writing, creating artwork, music, film or photography. I’ll put my hand to anything to scratch that creative itch. 

Growing up in a small town in England has its limits and the ability to break out and explore the world has always appealed to me.

Firstly, moving to London was a culture shock. The sights and sounds and people's different backgrounds just made me crave for more. However, it was nearly a decade before I could explore the world but it was definitely worth the wait. I spent 9 months backpacking through South East Asia and South America. Each place I visited had a unique feel and its own special reality about it. This then inflamed my creativity making me more open to new experiences.

Australia was never on my bucket list sadly, I knew it was an amazing place to visit but I never saw it in the stars for me. Until of course I met an Australian then as they say the rest was history.

Where do your ideas for stories come from, Nathan?

My ideas tend to come from people I meet or from places I’ve traveled to.

I’m drawn to people's history, what has made them who they are and what has their journey been like. 

Sometimes real people's quirks need to be embellished but most of the time people are just plain weird and wonderful enough to craft a story around.

I also tend to be very visual. My mind can take me back to a city or landscape I’ve visited then describe the sights, sounds and smells. I also draw a lot of inspiration from happy or sad moments within my personal life.

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