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Self-Editing for Fiction Writers


Renni Browne Dave King

Current Competitions

The big one

WWC Golden Pen Award

First Prize $250

There are two other prizes. The second prize will be $100 to spend in a Red Bubble store and one-year membership of World Writers Collective. The third prize will be a FREE entry to any one of the competitions for a year and one-year membership of World Writers Collective.

All three stories will be published in the anthology.

This is an amazing new writing competition. Five thousand words on a group of young students travelling along the Nile face an ordeal that must be overcome to survive.

Be creative and shock or take us to another world in 5,000 words or less. Wherever we go, make us turn the pages to the end.

The entry fee for this competition is $12 and, of course, half the price to members.

Entries must be in by Feb 28th– Winners will be announced on March 30th 

Entry Information Above

Past Competitions

Magz Morgan
wins October's FLASH competition with 
Blood And The Water Baby
Writing Competition Most Recent Winners

Surviving Winter And The New Chevrolet - MM

New Beginnings - ER

The Day The Pigs Flew - AM

Control Your Vehicle - CJH

Which stories did you like from the entire list above and below?

Please keep it to words of encouragement so the writers keep enjoying writing, thank you.

(This is not a critiquing space)

email here and your comments will be posted ASAP:

Or post up your thoughts here: Facebook WWC

Writing Competition Most Recent Winners

Good Night - CKN

Past Parents - MC

Mother Ship - DM

The Legacy of Love - MM

Childhood Memories - PW

Writing Competition Previous Winners

The Drama of Dying - CR

The Harper's End - CKN

Daddy's Girl - LC

What The Snow Blew In - MM

When Mum is My Best Friend - AN

Writing Competition Previous Winners

Linda Spends a Little Time with Chris - AL

Rampant - CKN

Banned - ID

The Hot Tub - MM

A man's best friend - PW

Writing Competition Previous Winners

The Role Model - KS

Cut Strings - AL

Suspicious Minds - SD

Fair Game - MM

Everyday Stranger - SA

Writing Competition Previous Winners

Changing Winds - JS

Live Free or Die - AB

Pyrrhic Victory - CKN

Mr Ex - DM

The Adventures of Edmund - JP

Writing Competition Previous Winners

Not About You - DM

Betrayal in Java - AC

It's for Your Own Good  - AM

When We Were Young  - MC


Christie Heart



Snog, Marry or Kill - EP

Writing Competition Previous Winners

Sand and Locusts - CH

Jasons Christmas List - JP

The Final Straight - AC

Merry Bloody Xmas - KS


Jacqueline Cripps



Roadside - MC

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