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Would you like to become a WRITER within our collective and be published on this website?

Great! No experience necessary.
We can help you with all the necessary stages in becoming one of us. We cover editing, publishing, the mechanics of writing, creativity, and much more.

Payment details:

Quick link to pay your $20:

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Otherwise direct deposit is perfectly fine as well $20 :)
Account Name: Mathew Clarke 
ING Bank
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Please send us a message using the form above to let us know you have paid and we will check our records and reply with a 'Welcome email'.

After emailing us we will reply in around 3 days. We also add you to our subscriber list. However, we will NOT send you loads of emails. Only about two a month and they will all be informative regarding writing etc. If you're not interested in these emails, just let us know.

Privacy policy: We are either lazy or just too busy, but we don't collect any information from you and store it except what you send us. And that's just generally your name and email. If you want us to collect and store information from you like other websites, send it on, but no promises. Check the WIX privacy policy to see what info of yours they store, considering this is their platform and code.

Benefits of becoming a member writer:
1) Your own page on this website. See the Jane Doe Sample Page and the John Doe Sample Page.
2) Your achievements announced on our webpage.
3) Your book launch announced on our webpage and emailed to all our subscribers.
4) Your chance to have your best writing piece at the top of our main page so as to get the attention of hundreds of readers.
5) A valuable network of writers that help each other edit, write, throw ideas around, and discuss writing techniques, as well as publishing techniques.

6) Free entry into writing competitions.
What are you waiting for? This is it!

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The introductory price of $20 P.A. is definitely worth it.

As for requirements, there are none. However, active involvement would be great from all members.
For example, updating your page with a new bit of news every now and then will help attract readers to you as well as help attract readers to the website.
Being involved with the writing competitions, editing, making comments on the forum and Facebook page, etc.

Thanks again for your interest.
I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards,
Mat Clarke.


EDITING will often not be a friend to the creative side of your brain. The creative side may have helped you write the raw first draft and allowed you to spread your wordful wings into the experimental side of writing. But now it is time for your logical mind to rein everything back in for a critical assessment and to make your work publishable.

To have your work proof-read / edited by one of our experienced editors, send us an email via the CONTACT page to nominate your chosen editor and what work you would like done.

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