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Notebook Design Competition

Please see below for our Notebook Design Competition.

The first logo is a high resolution JPEG or you can use the PDF.

If you have any issues downloading the file, we can email it to you.

We would like to create and offer our writers something they would be pleased to own and have sitting on their desk. Something that makes them want to pick it up and start making notes about their writing. Something that is next to their bed at night where they can pour all their creative thoughts into and then stare confusingly at the next day. Who knows, this notebook may be the beginning of your first best selling novel.



We could pay someone else to create a design for our WWC notebooks, but we decided we would rather give our creative people something to do instead.

Send your finished design to

Prize - a WWC T-Shirt and club notebook with your name on the cover.    

All entries must be in by 31st Dec

Specifications:  Resolution 300 DPI  -  Colour CMYK  -  Dimensions  145mm high  97mm wide - Needs to have the WWC logo - Needs to have an area where the authors name can be placed (if the author chooses to display it) - 5mm bleed needs to be included if the cover bleeds off - essential text should be at least 10 mm from the edge of the cover

High Resolution WWC logo.

The PDF is also the high resolution file and can be used.

WWC high res logo.jpg

Most of these are random pictures from the internet.

Do they look professional to you? Would writers be proud to own and use something similar to these and would they look nice on their desk? We'll let you decide on what you think looks great. Send us your idea of a great cover.

(We are not looking for a leather cover or an indented cover where a pen is inserted, due to the additional costs involved)

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