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Contact us about writer retreats, conferences, workshops, your book launch, editing, your voice or style, writing groups and much more.

Give us feedback on the website and the kind of  information you were hoping to find here.

Thank you.

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See our SERVICES page for more information on what we can do for you.

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After emailing us we will reply in around 3 days. We also add you to our subscriber list. However, we will NOT send you loads of emails. Only about two a month and they will all be informative regarding writing etc. If you're not interested in these emails, just let us know.

Privacy policy: We are either lazy or just too busy, but we don't collect any information from you and store it except what you send us. And that's just generally your name and email. If you want us to collect and store information from you like other websites, send it on, but no promises. Check the WIX privacy policy to see what info of yours they store, considering this is their platform and code.

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