Writing Competitions
by Ray Stone
Please note that all submissions for competitions should now be sent to ray@raystoneauthor.com All the rules and guidelines already set out still apply.

Short Story Competitions

Our short story writing competitions are a great way to get published. All top winners will be entered into the year or biyearly anthology (even if you are not a member). Win! 

Scores are based on: Interest, Plot, Style, Character, Settings, Grammar/Spelling, fit to theme, and publishibility. Don't be scared off by all the criteria. Instead, write the best story you can, and the judges will take care of the rest.

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Flash Fiction For Fun

Win Cash Prizes

Are you ready for the challenge?


It’s true we all love to linger over a favourite novel in comfy slippers and a cup of hot cocoa, but if it’s 50, 100, 200, 300 or up to 1000 words, a well-crafted story can pack a mighty punch.  


Even at  100 words a story can zing. It’s all in the showing (and telling), using the ABDCE structure:  action, background/ inciting action, development/rising actions, climax, ending (the characters should be significantly different).

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Read the most recent short story winners' stories HERE

Current submission:


Topic :  Any Genre
WORDS: Any length
Spacing: 1.5  Helvetica or Times Roman
Font: 12 Helvetica or Times New Roman
Deadline: Aug 30th 2021

Rules and FAQ

The big one

     WWC Golden Pen Award  


                              Win $250 First Prize


There are two other prizes. The second prize will be $100 to spend in a Red Bubble store and one-year membership of Creative Writers Collective. The third prize will be a FREE entry to any one of the competitions for a year and one-year membership of Creative Writers Collective.

All three stories will be published in the anthology.

This is an amazing new writing competition. Five thousand words on a group of young students travelling along the Nile face an ordeal that must be overcome to survive.

Be creative and shock or take us to another world. Wherever we go, make us turn the pages to the end.

The entry fee for this competition is $12 and, of course, half the price to members.

Entries must be in by December 31st – Winners will be announced on March 1st 2022