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Become A Creative Leader

We would love you to join our network of writers as a creative leader and help you further everyone's knowledge of writing. No doubt, you'll learn more about yourself and your writing as well. Have a read below and see what fits your personal skills and lifestyle. Commit to what you can and we'll see you in the trenches. Most of all, have fun!


  • Manager of Writing Competitions

  • Website Manager

  • Information Officer

  • Assistant to Managers

  • Writing Competition Judges

  • Event Host - multiple required (Melbourne only)

These are all volunteer positions.
Your position includes free membership, a discount for any events you attend, free access to catering (if supplied) and an allowance for the manager positions (see position details).

Commit for 12 months or longer.

Opportunities in further detail can be obtained by contacting us via the form to your right, if required. Also see below:

  • Manager of Writing Competitions - we run one free competition per year and two paid competitions per year. No wage is supplied, although you are allowed an allowance of 25% of any money collected to spend or keep as you wish.

  • Website Manager - the WWC website is to be updated a minimum of once a week (NEWS area, new blogs, posts from our members, etc.). No wage is supplied, although you are allowed an allowance of 25% of any money collected from paying-members to spend or keep as you wish. Experience using WIX web interface or similar would be beneficial.

  • Information Officer - the NEWS area of our site, Writes Sauce, our writer meets, our Facebook pages and groups often need updating, require information on writing and minor administration. No wage is supplied, although if the Information Officer creates a post / advertising that results in drawing in new writers for the competition or paying-members, a manager may supply the Information Officer a portion of an allowance at their discretion.

  • Assistant to Managers - this is a backup role and is an all-rounder person who could take on any of these roles (not event host, as you may not live in Melbourne) if someone falls sick or has personal matters to attend to. This person would take on any of the roles or assist as needed and would also benefit from any money they were able to raise if taking on the role of Manager of Competitions or Website Manager.

  • Writing Competition Judges - if you would like to judge the competitions you will report directly to the Manager of Writing Competitions.

  • Event Host - multiple required (Melbourne only) - we run events in the city and suburbs. We currently require multiple hosts and backup hosts to help facilitate events. Some easy events require as little as turning up on the day and greeting attendees as they arrive.

After emailing us we will reply in around 3 days. We also add you to our subscriber list. However, we will NOT send you loads of emails. Only about two a month and they will all be informative regarding writing etc. If you're not interested in these emails, just let us know.

Privacy policy: We are either lazy or just too busy, but we don't collect any information from you and store it except what you send us. And that's just generally your name and email. If you want us to collect and store information from you like other websites, send it on, but no promises. Check the WIX privacy policy to see what info of yours they store, considering this is their platform and code.


Please apply by expressing your interest below or to request more information. Also see About Us and Our Team


What to send us

Please supply a one page or less cover letter, a resume and any work experience you may have in the above field(s). No more than four pages in total please.

Due to their being access to our website as an administrator, we will need personal and employment references to ensure a low security risk.

What we are looking for

Friendly, willing to learn, able to work solely and as a team, above average writing ability, can meet deadlines, work ethic, interested in meeting / talking to / informing other creatives.

Prefer, but not necessary

Writing qualifications and/or experience in volunteer work or employed as a writer, marketing qualifications or experience, editing qualifications or skills, website management skills, public speaking skills, copywriter experience, content writer experience.


You do not have to be located in Melbourne, Australia. This role can be for any English speaking and writing person throughout the world.

Critical information and applying for positions

Please read each of the PDFs below carefully and apply for a position that you believe suits you.

If the position is taken or not available, we are happy to discuss suitability for a different position.

Note that this information may change upon application. However, you will be notified of this during the online interview process.

Thank you.

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