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Lucy is a curious lass born and bred in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, a Melburnian since 2003.


NEWS: 15- Feb - 2020

Watch this space!

Coming Soon by Lucy Brown

Price: $0.00 USD. Available on Smashwords and Amazon, Paperbook Orders Here. Languages: English. Published 28 - Aug - 2017.

Coming Soon. Our Reader Rating 4.5/5.


Lucy Brown



Educated in Mental Philosophy and Environmental Science, Lucy is a social researcher by day, writer by night. Her work requires her to investigate how the social, economic and environmental aspects of society interface. It also exposes her to a range of human emotions and motivations leading her to become deeply curious about the human condition. She has been keen to explore this curiosity further through her own writing for some time. 

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What is your story, Lucy?

I am now ready to put pen to paper, starting small while I find my voice.

Contact Me

I can be contacted easily. Please feel free to reach out through social media or email:

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