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Louise Crossley is the author of five books. While she identifies as primarily a children's writer, she has worked extensively as a curriculum writer developing English courses, media kits and writing professional blogs.


NEWS: 17 - Oct - 2019

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Ella's Handbag by Louise Crossley

Price: $14.00 AUD. Available on my website Orders Here. Languages: English. First published 2009.

On the surface, Ella’s Handbag is a simple story that reflects the antics of a Tomboy – who just happens to love handbags.  
Below the surface, this award winning picture book underpins struggling learners and their quiet cry for self efficacy. Our Reader Rating ?/?.



Hip Hip Hooray: ten unique birthday parties for every boy and girl by Louise Crossley

Price: $10.00 AUD. Available on my website Orders Here. Languages: English.

Are you out of ideas for your child's next birthday party?  Here's ten tried and tested birthday themes that have proved very popular among Crossley's own children and their friends. Hip Hip Hooray offers unique and creative party ideas - and some interesting facts - that are sure to make  your child's next birthday party a great success. Our Reader Rating ?/?.



Lollipop Whistle's Woes: introducing Lottie by Louise Crossley

Price: $14.00 AUD. Available on my website Orders Here. Languages: English. First published 2009.

Lottie, Hamish and Whistle all agree that school crossing road safety rules are important. Luckily, Hamish is fluent in the language of Whistle and spends much of his time trying to teach his friends. Lottie the lollipop lady and Whistle himself join Hamish in teaching 'Whistle' to crossing users. Our Reader Rating ?/?.



A Birthday Boy Named Jesus by Louise Crossley

Price: $12.99 AUD. Available on my website Orders Here. Languages: English. First published 2009.

At Jesus' birthday party his friends are captured by the entertainer and they forget the real reason for Christmas. But what happens when they are forgotten on their own birthdays? Our Reader Rating ?/?.


Festive Spirit by Louise Crossley

Price: $1.29 AUD. Available through Smashwords: ePub, Kindle, etc. Languages: English. Published December - 2012.

A collection wonderful of short stories written by the Melbourne Writers Social group, brought together by the common theme of Holiday Season in Melbourne. Our Reader Rating ?/?.



21 Choices by Louise Crossley

Price: $4.99 AUD. Available on my website Orders Here. Languages: English. First published 2009.

Will you choose wisely? 21 Choices is a motivational book which provides: quick, straight-to-the-point and relevant choices for  predicaments faced after separation or divorce. Our Reader Rating ?/?.



Louise Crossley



Louise has been writing since her teens though received her first writing break while doing her Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing in 2009. The children's book that she completed as an assessment for one of her subjects won the $3000 Victoria Independent Education Union's (IEU) Jan Bavinton Award. She went on to complete a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Professional Writing and now writes Intensive English Language curriculum and teaches the subject in a grammar school.

Crossley belongs to a number of writing networks and strongly recommends making connections as it is how all of her writing opportunities came along. She is now writing her first novel and hopes to have a first draft by the end of the year. 

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