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David McKenzie has been a writer since before he could speak (well, almost!). David has written an abundance of short stories and poetry, and has dabbled in writing stage plays. David is currently working on his first novel set during WWI.


NEWS: 03 - Feb - 2020

David has launched his personal writing blog, full of observations about writing as well as some short stories and poetry which can be read for free. See David's bog site listed below.

Coming Soon by David McKenzie

Price: $0.00 USD. Available on Smashwords and Amazon, Paperbook Orders Here. Languages: English. Published 28 - Aug - 2017.

A poem about Christmas. Our Reader Rating 4.5/5.



David McKenzie



Throughout his childhood David was an avid reader, devouring books so quickly his school library could not keep pace. The reading fed his imagination, which led to his interest in writing. David was inspired by all the stories he read to take the ideas, daydreams, fantasies and wishes he held inside himself and transform them into stories. At first this was just for himself, but over time this changed and David began to see a wider audience for his writing.

At university David completed a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Literature and Drama. These subjects allowed David to pursue his two great loves - reading and writing. Through his involvement in the student theatre club, David was also able to have his works performed and published in university forums. Whilst at university David also wrote for and performed in comedy shows in the Melbourne Fringe Festival and International Comedy Festival, as well as private functions.

Once the glow of university had been left far behind, David realised he needed money to survive (HECS wasn't for life - who knew?). David completed a second degree in Social Work and has been working as a social worker in various not-for-profit organisation across Melbourne and Sydney. David is currently working in the field of homelessness.

In 2019 David realised he had neglected hi first love of writing. David resigned from his managerial position to take on a low grade part-time role, with a view to focusing more time on writing and developing his writing to the level of publishing. David is currently working on his first novel, is writing a plethora of short stories for competitions, and is already planning the structure of his second novel.

Ready for Parade
What is your novel about?

David's first novel is an exploration of the relationship between a hospitalised soldier and a Red Cross volunteer during World War 1. The setting is the army hospital in Cambridge. The soldier in an Australian training cadet, the Red Cross volunteer a young English woman who has experienced her own losses due to the war. The novel is based on actual letters a Red Cross volunteer wrote to David's great grandmother during WWI about her son (David's great uncle). The characters are greatly fictionalised, as is the background of the story, but some of the letters used in the novel are real, giving a powerful energy to the idea of the people within the story.

How do you write?

Generally I start writing when an idea comes into my head, and I see where that takes me. Short stories allow me to work in this way as they are easily contained in my head. I am often surprised at what is happening in a story as I write it, as though I am merely a conduit for the story, not the creator.

Since beginning work on my novel I have discovered there is method does not work for me in the longer format. The novel is too large to keep in my head all at once. So I have a chapter plan and a general outline of the entire a story, and work on it one chapter at a time. Even then I find it hard going, as I am used to the more free-flowing writing of my short stories. At a recent writers group a writing colleague suggested I approach the novel like a serial, like Charles Dickens did in his day. She suggested this would help me break each chapter into a short story of its own, and might make it easier for me to get through more writing. I found this an excellent suggestion and have begun trying to change my thinking to fit this new model for now.

I guess this goes to show there are various methods of writing and no one method is right. We all have to try things out and find what works best for us, but advice from others can never be undervalued!

Contact Me

I can be contacted easily. Please feel free to reach out through social media or email:

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