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Writing mainly romance — historical romance with touch of Paulo Cohelo. The writing is simple easy to read and concentrate on novella. Favourite book is Fine Balance by Ronington Mistry and Paulo Cohelo’sVeronica decides to Die.


NEWS: 09 - Oct - 2018

My book is now in selected stores and can also be bought via my website. 

[COVER]Rosemary's Retribution - Chakrabo

Rosemary's Retribution by Nandita Chakraborty

Price: $27.50 AUD. Available on Orders Here. Languages: English. Published 4 April 2018.

In modern Melbourne, Rosemary is introduced to a horrific truth about her parents, Shabana and Ted – a truth that goes all the way back to Kolkata, 1975. Even before the national crisis of the Emergency, social divisions are widening. Dark times are gathering. Our Reader Rating ?/?.



Meera Rising by Nandita Chakraborty

Price: $11.99 AUD Digital, $20.62 AUD Hardcover. Available on Orders Here. Languages: English. Published 1 September 2017.

When Meera Sen comes to the city of Melbourne to become a microbiologist, all she has with her are the traditional values of her culture and the idol of lord Krishna given to her by her uncle. Our Reader Rating ?/?.


Nandita Chakraborty



Nandita Chakraborty was born in Kolkatta, India
into a small conservative family who has always
been associated with arts. Her father was famous
Bengali film producer, Dhiresh Kumar Chakraborty,
who won many accolades in the field of Indian
Cinema. His film, Aakaler Sandhane, was the first
Indian film in a regional language to win the
Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival in 1980. He
also won the President’s gold medal and was an
international award winner at the Venice and
London Film Festivals.

Along with her siblings she was sent out to
boarding school at the age of seven in the hills
of Meghalaya, India. Later down the track the
family settled in New Delhi, where she attended
Sri Venketeswara University and studied Political
Science by day - and by night she would attend
fashion and visual merchandising school.

In her third year in college, she went on to pursue
Diploma in Visual Merchandising in Delhi, leaving
behind her career in Political Science. She began
to work with a well- known designer in India; and
found fame and fortune down that path but it still
did not leave her creatively satisfied. In 2000, she
came to Melbourne, Australia where she started
her own fashion boutique with her then partner.


It was not until after a difficult divorce when she
began searching for something that would define
her purpose in life. She found solace in writing

What is your story, Nandita?

Im a writer who enjoys to tackle the simple yet challenging philosophies of love which ultimately leads  to the higher love-emotionally and spiritually. Enjoy working on screen play too and love to write both shorts and features.


 Saying that I love good food, travel and enjoy cooking over a nice glass of margarita . Enjoy soiree and anyone can win me over with a good conversation and a classic drop of wine. Favourite city other from Melbourne are Paris and Nice.

Favourite Movie-at the moment - Paris Can wait and Lunch Box

Reading at the moment - Spy by Paulo Cohelo and August Falling y Les Zig

Contact Me

I can be contacted easily. Please feel free to reach out through social media or email:

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