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Associates of World Writers Collective:
The Story Mint

The Story Mint is a community of writers who work together to encourage and give each other constructive feedback. Its goal is to create excellent writers using a combination of automated and personalised tools. The unique Stylefit tool (previously stylecheck) guides writers to find the perfect pitched voice for the audience. Writers can experiment writing different genres with the serials. Writers also learn other key writing skills such as maintaining tense, writing believable dialogue and much more.

There are many other services. For example, writers can store or publish their writing on the Writers' Pad.

The company is in Rotorua, New Zealand. Private investors breathed life into The Story Mint and the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment invested in the development of Stylefit.

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Stylefit is an innovative online tool that enables writers to be the best they can be.

Stylefit makes English writing simple and understandable in a safe and secure environment.

Stylefit is used by managers, CEOs, communicators, professionals, students and publishers across business, education and the community.

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The Story Mint NEWS

Join Part 2 of our "From STEM to STEAM" series to explore how we can successfully put the Arts into STEM and involve those skills we learn through the Arts (particularly writing!) to achieve great results.

webinar: create-lesson-plans-with-the-arts-writing-in-mind

Join Our Lockdown Writing Competition for Students!
Why are we doing this?
We know lockdown can get a bit much with the same routine day in, day out, staying indoors, unable to meet with friends. Students are feeling it, parents are feeling it, teachers are feeling it.
We wondered how best to add some fun into the day-to-day reality of lockdown while still keeping everyone safe. So…let’s write!
Video advertising competition: youtube

How do I enter?
The competition is free to enter for all school (including home-schooled) students Y4-13 in Australia and New Zealand, and gives you full access to the Stylefit software so you get instant visual feedback as you write!

All you need to do is flick an e-mail to saying you’d like to participate. Let us know if you’re a teacher wishing to enter your students or if you’re a student entering individually*. We’ll get your free writing account set up so that you can have direct access to the software and its feedback throughout the whole competition.

What do I write about?
We’ve got a few visual prompts set up in each category (Year 4-6, Year 7-8, Year 9-10 and Year 11-13). You can find these here[link to updates site page]. Inspire your imagination with the image OR pick a topic of your own choosing. As long as you stick to the word count, we’ll eagerly read your work!
What are you waiting for?
Send an e-mail to and get writing! There are prizes to be won!

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