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I enjoy writing, the other stuff not so much. This meant that I’d completed the first three books of the Suzie Hyde Crime Thriller series and only published book one, Pea Pod Murder.


So this year after completing more than half a million words of fiction, I gave myself a good stern talking to and strangely I listened.

I have devoted the last two months to promotion. I re-published book one Pea Pod Murder and added Angel Murders the second in the series finally Wood Smoke Murders, number three. In a fit of enthusiasm I added a boxed set including all three titles.

Pricing strategy:

Pea Pod Murder – free

Angle Murders - $2.99 hence (70% commission)

Wood Smoke Murders - $3.99

Boxed Set - $4.99

I will share my progress.


Book Links

Amazon Links

Pea Pod Murder : -

Angel Murders : -

Wood Smoke Murders : -

Boxed Set : -

Links to iBook, Kobo, B&N, etc via Draft@Digital

Pea Pod Murder : -

Angel Murders : -

Wood Smoke Murders : -

Boxed Set : -





September – 2018

Throughout September I have promoted the book through any free book promotion site, (and a couple of paid ones) the sites were discovered via


1st October – 2018

Stats for September are in:

Amazon: for each free book purchased (?) $0.021 of sales income.

D2D: for each free book purchased $0.047 of sales income.

Clearly D2D is good but most promotion sites aim solely at Amazon where total sales were 2588. I have yet to fathom how to effectively promote D2D (633 sales).

The pricing strategy to promote interest in the boxed set seems to have failed on Amazon but worked on D2D.

Angel Murders : Amazon - 14 sales : D2D - 2 sales.

Wood Smoke : Amazon - 8 sales : D2D - 0 sales.

Boxed Set : Amazon – 8 sales : D2D - 8 sales.



Pea Pod Murder by Kerry Sharp

Price: $0.00 USD. Available on Draft@Digital and Amazon. 



Kerry Sharp


Kerry was born in Gloucestershire UK he later discovered that he was philosophically Australian when he followed a cute Australian/Italian girl back to Melbourne. Marriage; family, work all followed.

Kerry was always a bit of a late starter (1st Degree at the age of 34). He waited until his hard work made the tyranny of swapping time for money unnecessary, before writing his first Novel ‘Pea Pod Murder’.

Pea Pod Murder, the first book in the Suzie Hyde Crime Thriller Series, was completed in 2015.
Followed by Angel Murders (2017) and Wood Smoke Murders. (2018)

All titles are now available together in a Boxed Set.

More at -

Contact Me


I can be contacted easily. Please feel free to reach out through email: KERRY@KERRYSHARP.COM

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