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WWC Services to Assist You Getting Published

You do not need to be a member to take advantage of the below services


Editing your novel or short story:

Editing will often not be a friend to the creative side of your brain. The creative side may have helped you write the raw first draft and allowed you to spread your wordful wings into the experimental side of writing. But now it is time for your logical mind to rein everything back in for a critical assessment and to make your work publishable.

See also Editing Tips.

Illustrating your story:

Illustrations make your words sing. Scroll down and check out our illustrator's enthusiastic desire to draw what you have imagined.


We will often run workshops alongside our regular events where we meet and write, chat, or read out our work. Please visit our page for more information.

Preparing your manuscript for submission to an agent or publisher:

If you aren't sure how to prepare and format your manuscript, you may have your email/manuscript deleted before it's even read. Why not let us take all the guess work out of the preparation and allow us to set everything up for you.

Preparing your book for printing via IngramSpark:

Do you use Indesign? Are you up to date with ISBN placement? Do you know everything about bleed for your pictures or front cover? Would you like help from someone with over 15 years printing experience? Speak to us and we'll do all the heavy lifting for you.

Writer Retreats:

We have created some lovely events in the past allowing writers to work passionately on their novels and other works. We will endeavor to hold another event soon.

Symposium and Pitch Your Manuscript:

Our last symposium was a great success with many writers enjoying the wisdom and practical knowledge imparted by our educated guests. We will continue to look at new events for the future.

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