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It’s hard to be a dreamer in today’s modern world, that’s why I want to put a book in people’s hands and have them remember what it was to dream and be inspired.


NEWS: 09 - Feb - 2022

Wrist RSI is on the mend! Looking to complete two short stories “Watcher” and “Storm Riders”.


Pyrrhic Victory by Chun Kiu Ng 

Price: $0.00. Available on Smashwords

Price $12.00 AUD for paperbook Orders via Melbourne Writers Social Group

Languages: English. Published 28 - Aug - 2017.

Every generation has witnessed their share of calamities that have shaped the course of history. Rowan always believed that a greater calling awaited him. Now, he answers its call alongside his brothers in arms as the full wrath of a kingdom descends upon the traitorous Midlands. For good or for ill, Rowan must decide on where he shall stand – or fall – in the tumultuous times following That Day.

Our Reader Rating 4.5/5.


Chun Kiu Ng


Chun Kiu holds a Double Bachelors Degree in Science and Engineering, plus a PhD in Materials Engineering on semiconductor nanocrystals. Having pivoted from renewable energy research to an analyst in green energy, his days are quite dry with a lot of technical data and pushing numbers around.


To balance this out, Chun Kiu enjoys some classic escapism in all their forms – movies, shows, video games, Dungeons & Dragons. To stay active, he enjoys practicing the German Longsword variant of HEMA.

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What is your story, Chun?

I’ve been a lifelong avid reader of fantasy and science fiction which transported me from a mundane ho-hum earthly location to places I could only imagine for hours on end with fascinating and inspiring characters who endured perilous journeys, challenged the world pushed themselves to the limit to achieve their dreams.


It’s hard not to become more jaded and cynical in today’s modern world. At a time when I couldn’t find the kind of stories that I wanted to see/read, I decided to take a stab at writing myself and so began my deep dive into writing and I haven’t regretted a moment of it. One day soon, I hope I can put a book in the hands of others and help them remember what it’s like to dream of what could be possible and be inspired. Until then, I’ll have to content myself with short stories and other creative outlets here and there as I improve my writing skills.

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