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Reader News - 16-January-2020 - Harry Potter, Godric’s Hollow: owners claim the house is “cursed”:

General News - 16-January-2020 - 32 TV And Movie Adaptations Coming Out In 2020: ​

Writer News - 16-January-2020 -  Work part time as a writer. Cheap livable location :

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Linda Spends a Little Time with Chris by Ander Louis

Ah, Linda. Poor, poor Linda. She really should take a holiday. What is she looking back at all the time?  Rated 4.5/5

Banned by Iain Donald

A brilliant and damaged creative mind. Rated 3.5/5

Ander Louis Yarra Valley ratbag and author. 

Iain Donald

Writer of dark fiction, musician and business consultant.


Rampant by Chun Kiu Ng

Torec learnt long ago to drop hot iron. Now, he won't let go - even as it burns his world down around him. Rated 3.5/5


The Hot Tub by Magz Morgan

Sally led a full life. She had an ‘understanding’ with her husband. Then Lorenzo came along and pushed her limits to the brink of madness. Rated 3.5/5

Magz Morgan likes to challenge  the ways women are perceived, illustrating how they view and interact with the world.


A man's best friend by Peter Wigg

A light anecdote describing an example of the many colourful and amusing challenges faced by an outsider working in Papua New Guinea. Rated 3.5/5

Peter Wigg is a doctor who has worked as a volunteer in Papua New Guinea.

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Fair Game - very touching. Anyone who has ever come close to such an encounter will relate'. ... Also felt deeply sorry for Sally. 9/10 - a really good read. Amanda Burchell 9th June 2019

The poetry submissions in the FF surprised me. I love the intrinsic succinct nature of these pieces. Magz M

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