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Reader News - 04-Apr-2021 - 43 Peculiar Facts About Famous Writers:

General News - 04-Apr-2021 - Lauren Hough on Leaving Cults, the Military, and Bad Jobs:

Writer News - 04-Apr-2021 - Editorial Assistant with Penguin Random House:

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Good Night by Chun Kiu Ng

Only in hindsight do we realise how much we take the time with loved ones for granted. Rated 5/5


Mother Ship by David McKenzie

Mother Ship draws from David's own experience of adoption, and highlights the alienation an adopted child can experience when they feel like they don't belong. Rated 5/5

David McKenzie is a social worker by day, and uses his experiences from his work to explore social relationships in his writing.


Past Parents by Mat Clarke

Overcoming death of a loved one is one of life's hardest lessons. Through their children, they will live on forever. Rated 5/5


The Legacy of Love In by Magz Morgan

A story taking in two time periods and capturing the emotions of a newly married couple.

Rated 5/5

Magz Morgan is a multi-cultural, multi-lingual chameleon with an academic background in intercultural studies.  


Childhood Memories by Peter Wigg

This story of childhood memories is autobiographical and attempts to convey the vivid and poetic recollections I have of my family life. Rated 4.5/5

Peter Wigg has studied medicine and worked as a doctor all his adult life, but has been equally interested in fictional writing, films and plays. 

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