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Reader News -1-May-2020 - Children's book Nullaboo Hullabaloo, written in Bunnaloo, to be turned into

General News - 1-May-2020 - Finalists of the 2019 BookLife Prize Nonfiction Contest: ​

Writer News - 1-May-2020 - Sadistic Writing App Deletes Your Work if You Stop Typing:

Writing Competition - 1-May-2020 - Submit your short story or flash fiction here: Competitions


The Drama of Dying by Cecile Ravell

Cecile draws inspiration from real events – female protagonists struggling with and overcoming life’s dilemmas, are the heroes of her stories. Rated 4.5/5

Cecile Ravell is a creative memoirist, feminist flash fiction writer, and poet.


Daddy's Girl  by Louise Crossley

His joy was contagious, so off course she yearned for her daddy even though he wasn’t there. Now at 72, she relives each moment, so vividly, as if it were happening all over again. Rated 4/5

Louise Crossley writes children’s stories, curriculum and dabbles in adult fiction and non-fiction.

The Harper's End by Chun Kiu Ng

Inspired by the Siege of Masada, follow a musician’s struggle against despair in a forgotten battle lost to time. Rated 4/5

What The Snow Blew In by Magz Morgan

Immigration casts a sharp light on memory, on interaction with locals—and it changes families at a deep level. 

Rated 4/5

Magz Morgan is a multi-cultural, multi-lingual chameleon with an academic background in intercultural studies.  


When Mum is My Best Friend by Amy Natassa

Based on real life experience of losing her mother last year. Saw the competition in Facebook and thought the theme was fitting with how she felt. Rated 4/5

Amy Natassa is a nurse and a rookie makeup artist. Amy wrote fiction stories before coming to Australia 12 years ago.

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Fair Game - very touching. Anyone who has ever come close to such an encounter will relate'. ... Also felt deeply sorry for Sally. 9/10 - a really good read. Amanda Burchell 9th June 2019

The poetry submissions in the FF surprised me. I love the intrinsic succinct nature of these pieces. Magz M

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