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Would you like to win a prize for a Flash short story? It’s about time writers had an incentive to enter Flash story-telling. 50% of the entry fees collected will be awarded to the best Flash of any length and genre. Looking at past entries, I have to say some of you, like me, have a weird outlook on life. So come on, scribes, sit over a coffee and write a flash in your lunch break.

The entry fee for this competition is $5, including members.

Entries must be in by Dec 30th – Winners announced on Jan 30th 2021

Do you know any good short stories? This competition is open to all writers, wherever you are, member or not. 1,500 words that take readers on a journey into your mystery or adventure. First prize will be a years free membership plus a $30 gift card for RED BUBBLE online store plus free entry to any one competition during that year. Second prize will be a $10 gift card for Red Bubble plus free entry into any one of next years competitions plus both will be awarded a years free membership if applicable.

Third prize will be a free years membership. All will be considered for entry into the annual anthology. Entry fee $12 - half price to members.

Submissions by Feb 1st and results by Feb 31st

                               Another Prize at The End Of The Year

                                What? Another Prize? Cash? Blimey!


Now this should make your pen stand on end and vibrate with excitement.

This prize of $50 will be awarded to a writer who has submitted the first entry to each of the three competitions currently shown. A member will get more than their annual fee plus competition fees back. Non members will get harassed to part with $20 to join the best Writers Collective Group.



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Day The Pigs Flew by Adrian Meredith

The dramatic true story involving the above author when he was 10 years old, living in Darwin and being chased by a pack of pig-dogs. Rated 4.5/5


Adrian Meredith writes for a living, with 23 years' experience writing up doctor's reports, court transcripts and the occasional spy document. 


The New Beginnings Express 

by Emma Rennison 

Leave your troubles behind and hop onboard the New Beginnings Express where everyone has the opportunity to start their lives over. Rated 4/5


Emma Rennison originally fulfilled her need to write through a career in PR. Now the mum of two beautiful children, who are desperate for her to write something they are allowed to read.


The New Beginnings Express 

by Emma Rennison 

Leave your troubles behind and hop onboard the New Beginnings Express where everyone has the opportunity to start their lives over. Rated 4/5


Christopher John Hurley grew up to be accountant but hated every minute of it and so threw himself into composing music and lyrics, creative writing, script writing and directing actors.


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This is a great place to come and read many works from many different writers. We have a large range of genres including, thriller, fantasy, drama, historical, adventure, realism, children’s stories, young adult, experimental, poetry, scripts, travel, sport, memoir, biography, romance, and more yet to come. 

Weird sense of humor? Test it in a new FLASH competition to be announced shortly. Make us laugh and win a prize.

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