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This is a page for anyone that would like their work critiqued, and will in turn critique other writer's work.


We will keep the author's name hidden for now. Please critique the work as you see fit. If grammar is your thing, then comment on that. If characters are your specialty, then talk about that, if you enjoy commenting on story, then feel free to comment on that, or something else, or all of the above. Approx 150-200 words would be great. But if you are a little below or over, that's ok. 


Everyone will critique a different way, but there are certain hints/tips that will help you work out what authors are looking for when you critique their work.


Help us with the feedback on these many kinds of stories, and other authors and readers will help you. Click on the MORE button to read about how to critique.

Your writing

You are allowed to upload up to 5000 per upload. Please contact Mat Clarke to have your revised/finished/edited work uploaded so it can be critiqued by the group members. No first drafts, please.

To contact Mat Clarke do so via or via this website. See the CONTACT tab.

Thank you.

Get Involved

This is our facebook page. Make comments on other critiquing topics there.



Get others involved. Anyone can join and get involved. The more writers, the more feedback you will get on your work which will give you a better idea on the editing you should be doing on your writing.

When you are ready, click on the tab at the top:

Projects to Critique

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