A novel writer, playwrite and editor with a passion for helping others craft tight, witty, and engaging dialogue.


NEWS: 3 - Jul - 2018

I'll be talking about dialogue at the Melbourne Symposium in October 2018. 

Old Tom Davies And The The Tentacle Beast From Hell by Stu Mentha

Price: $0.00 AUD. Available on on my website. Languages: English. Published 3 - Mar - 2018.

A story about a tentacle beast with tastebuds Our Reader Rating ?/?.


Stu Mentha



Stu studied Professional and Creative Writing at Deakin University, Burwood, and film and literature in Turin, Italy.


As a playwright, he has written four sell-out comedies which all premiered at the Prague Fringe Festival. His last two plays were #1 picks of the Prague Fringe on FringeReview.co.uk and he has appeared on the cover of the Prague Post and on Czech national radio.


As an editor, he currently works on both theatre scripts and novels, specialising in developmental editing and humour. He has a passion for helping writers craft tight, witty, and engaging dialogue.

What is your story, Stu?

I write for everyone, but especially for the person who is hesitant about theatre and literature. I write for the person who once pretended to like a play they got dragged along to simply because they feared someone would otherwise point a finger at them and shout, “Uncultured swine!”


I write for the person who got turned off Shakespeare because someone led them to believe the great bard spoke the Queen’s English (when really he was a very funny, dirty old man who talked like a pirate), I write for the person who goes on a flash-mob-watching binge on YouTube and feels that ever-so-subtle pang of sadness that they’ve never seen a flash mob in real life.


I write for the person coming home on the train late at night after work, staring at their phone screen playing Candy Crush Saga because they just want to be teleported to somewhere else, anywhere else

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