Sarah K. Gill is a Melbourne based writer of fiction and non-fiction.
Whilst writing Sarah is also studying a Bachelor of Arts with Deakin University majoring in Creative and Professional Writing.
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NEWS: 29 - Sep - 2018

Sarah K. Gill is working on a memoir which is a coming of age story focusing on the father/daughter relationship during the time her Dad was in prison.

The Bonds that Shape You by Sarah K Gill

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A collection wonderful of short stories written by the Melbourne Writers Social group, brought together by the common theme of Family. Our Reader Rating ?/?.


Sarah K. Gill



Sarah K. Gill is a Melbourne-based writer who writes both non-fiction and fiction work. She has been a published contributor with the online publication The Australia Times in several of their magazines offering reviews, articles, and creative works of fiction.

Sarah completed her Certificate IV in Professional Writing and Editing with Federation Training (Formerly GippsTAFE) in early 2016.

She is now studying Bachelor of Arts majoring in Professional and Creative Writing at Deakin University.

Sarah K. Gill is currently working on a memoir which is a coming of age story focusing on the father/daughter relationship during the time her Dad was in prison serving a 13-year sentence. She hopes to publish the memoir by 2020.

In addition to this, Sarah is working on a short story collection of gothic fiction, which began with her successful completion of NaNoWriMo in November 2015.

Together with her younger sister, Sarah is also in the early stages of writing a family history which focuses on her grandparent’s migrant story to Australia from Greece and England.

Sarah is a huge bookworm and loves to read many styles including science fiction, dystopian, psychological thrillers, memoir, and contemporary fiction, particularly from other Australian authors, these genres all help to shape and fuel Sarah’s creative voice.


You can read Sarah’s work on her website where she has published articles and short stories.

What is your story, Sarah?

Writing is my passion. From a young age, I discovered the wonders of writing stories and from primary school I was writing stories with characters based on my friends. I also tried to get a school paper up and running but it never got off the ground. 

In high school, I wrote a lot of sad teenager melancholic poetry following heartaches that I thought I would never heal. Then I began writing love stories in a notebook in pencil based off songs I heard and again put my friends in as characters.

I dabbled in Harry Potter and Five fan-fiction before letting it all go for a while.

I had applied to study writing at university after high school but my scores were not good enough so I ended up going into full time employment.

I entered the corporate world and life took me in a different direction and my pencil and notebook were forgotten and left gathering dust in a tub full of stuff from my childhood home.

At the end of 2013 or early 2014 I enrolled in a short creative writing course with CAE and I rekindled that feeling – to write and tell my stories.

The passion returned with force and I threw myself into writing and then went on to complete further study with Federation Training completing a TAFE course Certificate IV in Professional Writing and Editing. Then from a simple assignment titled ‘5-point plan’ I came up with the idea to write the story that I didn’t know was burning inside me. The story that I was too scared to share, but was desperate to do so. The story of my upbringing without my dad and how we developed our relationship whilst he was in prison. It was something that happened when I was growing up and it never had occurred to me that it would be a story other people would want to read. But the feedback in my peer group was positive and I knew then that I had to pursue it I decided that I would write it as a memoir.


So that brings me to now, I am still working on the memoir and studying Bachelor of Arts with Deakin. Since completing my TAFE certificate, I have gained the confidence to write more and share my stories, thoughts, opinions, reviews, and articles online with magazines and publications and my own website.  I have joined writing groups and become part of a community of writers and found new friends among them.

I love writing and I love the life that its given me. I work. I live. I write.  

Where do your ideas for stories come from, Sarah?

​My ideas for stories come from everywhere. From conversations that I overhear on the train to dreams that I vaguely remember.

One of my ideas for a young adult novel came to me from a dream and I hastily recorded what I could remember when I woke up on a piece of paper by my bedside table. Another science fiction idea came from going to a panel at the Melbourne Writers Festival about Death in the Digital Age. 

A lot of my writing is influenced by what I read. I read widely and thanks to my university degree I have been exposed to different types of writing such as non-fiction theoretical writing on hegemonic masculinity to  fantasy, and Greek tragedy. All of these has help to broaden my knowledge and keep my mind open and curious to explore them creatively.

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