Writing Competitions

These writing competitions are a great way to get published. All top winners will be entered into the year or biyearly anthology (even if you are not a member). Win! Scores are based on: Interest, Plot, Style, Character, Settings, Grammar/Spelling, fit to theme, and publishibility. Don't be scared off by all the criteria. Instead, write the best story you can, and the judges will take care of the rest.

It's FREE to enter, so you may as well enter just for fun.

Upcoming competition:

NEXT. Submit June 2021: Write 3500 words using the post below. See the Facebook post HERE.

When visiting our Facebook group, you may need to continue scrolling down to find the post as pictured below.

Add to the post and create your own story so you can submit to our writing competition.

Rules are similar to before.

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